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About Us


My name is Alison and I am the owner of Capture Boutique.  

I am a small business and I hope that with your support and love for my shop, I can continue to serve you for many years to come. Your custom isn't fuelling a large corporation but allowing me to be closer to my kids, play more and make memories and that is what life is all about. For every £1 spent in a small local business, around 80p makes it back to the local economy compared to 20p from large corporations. I hope my efforts make a difference to my family life and that of the community in which I live, work and play.  Please sign up to the newsletter where we send information on promotions, new arrivals and other news (I promise I don't send these daily to the point where we are just annoying - I certainly don't have enough time for that!). Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter too. We will follow you right back! 

Enjoy shopping and thank you, it genuinely means a lot. 

Alison x.