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Climate Veil Tinted SPF 20 Light-Medium - Evolve Organic Beauty

Climate Veil Tinted SPF 20 Light-Medium - Evolve Organic Beauty


OR Normal-Dry Skin, shade: Light-Medium

We would like to explain why our Climate Veil only has one shade at the moment which is light / medium. It doesn’t suit medium / dark or very light skin tones and we apologise for not meeting everyones needs. We are a small artisanal manufacturer and we formulate our products in house. This is the first tinted product we have made and we found matching each shade very difficult. We were in the middle of working on a wider range of shades when the COVID pandemic struck. We can’t currently safely continue to develop this kind of product due to social distancing rules, but as soon as we are able to do so, we will continue to work to launch a wider range of shades for more skin tones. If you would like to join our tester panel to help develop our new shades, please join our mailing list and choose "join our tester panel"

Sun radiation is essential for life, but UV radiation is responsible for 80% of visible ageing signs that leads to photoageing.

Embracing skin care and sun care, Climate Veil Tinted SPF combines natural high tech anti-ageing ingredients such as polyphenol-rich Lingonberry stem cells and hyaluronic acid, with reef safe, non-nano mineral-based zinc oxide to deliver a lightweight broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Beautifully tinted with mineral light reflecting natural pigments for a luminous dewy finish.

Dermatologically tested.

Organic Beauty

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