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Concrete Minimal Incense Burner - Dopp

Concrete Minimal Incense Burner - Dopp

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Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or workplace with the help of our Nordic incense burner. A modern approach to the classic incense holders, this long, sturdy piece is handmade from grey concrete. A minimal and contemporary Incense burner with a small hole to hold your stick and a slanted middle to catch all that pesky ash! Incense burners were around since forever, however, such a sleek and modern style will go unnoticed and will create a pleasant scent in your home. An incense holder is a great tool for meditation, relaxation, and even to freshen up the air in your room. Concrete products in my shop are inspired by Scandinavian design, therefore we named each product as such. Dopp means Dip in Swedish! (A Dip to catch the ash!)

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