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Project Dakar Bobble hat

Project Dakar Bobble hat




#BecauseICan – With the right mindset, training and support you can achieve anything

The Mission: In 2023 The Project Dakar team will be attempting to compete in the toughest rally in the world. The Dakar Rally.

They will have to race over 10 000km on motorcycles through the desert. They will be alone and relying on their own navigation skills.

The team’s riders have all over come significant challenges or are going from novice off-road riders to Dakar racers to prove that you can chase your dreams.

The whole team will be delivering inspirational workshops to schools and organisations. The aim to help them focus on the future and achieving their dreams regardless of current circumstances.

Every hat sold helps support the team and spread the #BecauseICan message...

@Project Dakar #BecauseICan

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