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Pure Shampoo Bar - Vegetable Oils, nothing else!

Pure Shampoo Bar - Vegetable Oils, nothing else!

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This natural soap for hair smells of nothing but purity, fresh air and a fresh start. Some also describe this fragrance as the gentle aroma of pure vegetable oil.

This natural soap loves water. We recommend washing well-moistened hair from the roots or the scalp towards the ends of the hair. The soap foams less than industrial shampoos – but washes at least as effectively.

This soap cleanses gently without any essential oils and does not irritate the scalp. It is easy to wash off, does not dry out the hair and leaves you with a feeling of absolute purity.

In particular, unruly and curly short to medium-length hair is easy to care for, easy to comb and voluminous thanks to the vegetable oils in this soap


Made in Germany

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